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Gooooooooooood morning Vietnam! I was recommended to watch
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this movie by my Uncle Derek recently during my visit to Ontario. Besides it being a great movie, it made me reflect on both myself and greater western society.

The movie depicted Williams' character as an atypical soldier who doesn't follow the rules, doesn't view people by their ethnicity and has a great appreciation for reality. Despite the massive conflict going on about him, his main focus is on the simple pleasures in life: laughter, playing, flirting and overall social enjoyment.

However, his happy-go-lucky life as a comedy radio broadcaster during wartime eventually hits a brick wall as he starts to realize that not everyone follows the same ideals as he does. Despite the fact that he shows no ill-will or racism towards the local Vietnamese, he encounters discrimination when he tries to woo a local girl. This is no surprise, particularly when in both this movie and in "Memoirs of a Geisha" the American military is portrayed as brash, crude, violent and uncouth. If I was a foreign national and I saw the American miliary during wartime ( in fact I get to see that first-hand here in Seoul all the time), I would probably not want my daughter/sister spending time with any of those soldiers either.

The sad side to this, which I can unfortunately relate to, is that many people in countries inhabited by the American military widely discriminate against all Caucasian men despite the fact that they may be kind, and more to the fact may not even be American, let alone a soldier. There have been so many situations where I, like Williams' character, fall in love with a girl, but can hardly get past a greeting due to deep-seated stereotypes about Caucasian men. In the very end of the movie, when Williams' character had proved himself trustworthy, kind and noble, it was already too late-- he was being shipped out the next day leaving no hope for him to pursue the girl of his dreams. Ironically, the steps he took to prove his trustworthyness and respect for the local culture was the very reason he found himself on the bad side of the American forces and was made to leave.

This highlights another unique paradigm of 'side-taking.' During my time in Korea, I found that the best way to immerse myself in Korean culture was not only to learn the language, but to think, talk and act like a Korean man. I learned quickly that that did not only include adopting different eating/chronic drinking habits, but also stereotypes and ways of thinking. The moment when people started saying that I was acting like a 'true Korean' was when I successfully followed after my seniors and called Japanese and Chinese by their derogatory slang words in Korean, 'Jjokbali' and 'Jjanggae' respectively.

To the contrary, I recall a very similar situation in which I spent time educating some Americans about Korea, only to have them try to make me follow them in their derogatory orientalism-based descriptions of Asians and foreigners. They would often say things like 'I can't believe everything is so cheap here, but you know these 'g---s' smell so bad, right?' In the exact same way as my Korean seniors did to me, the Americans wanted to make sure I was on 'their side,' not the 'other side.'

In other words, in order to get trust, respect and acceptance... I mean real, true acceptance... and in order to woo the fair lady on the other side of the fence, in many cases there is no other choice than to take sides. That's the gift of Nationalism, the great defender of cultural superiority and great enemy of globalisation. That is the takeaway from "Good Morning Vietnam." In that respect I have to say that it was a very well written movie and quite enjoyable to watch.

A few days ago I turned 29... and not too long ago I renounced my Canadian residency status~ this all made me think deeply about where my allegiances lay. My life has been quite complex with such a strong Chinese influence from my youth, to a strong Japanese influence throughout my teens, to the strong Korean influence in my early adulthood. Every time I go to a different country and meet different people, I am always met with choruses of 'our country is the best, isn't it?' And when I really get into a culture deeply and start speaking in a foreign language with other people, I can feel that part of my brain becoming deeply nationalistic. While I speak in Korean, the sentences that are formed within my brain and come out my mouth are strangely tainted with anti-Japanese and Chinese sentiment, despite the fact that I love both of those countries. I have melded with each culture so much that each language that I speak has its own personality, voice tone and set of expressions. Some days after an entire day of speaking in on language, i'll lay down in bed and my English brain will turn on and all of a sudden I find myself asking... myself... "who am I?"

Looking back, however, I realize that the fact that I let myself be taken into each culture and each language has been the best decision that I have ever made. Sitting down with certain people and being able to listen to their words on their terms and in their culture and language is absolutely priceless. Speaking with a Korean who has lived through the 70's and not only understanding their history but also understanding who they are merely by thinking not only in Korean but also with a cultural Korean mind has been a constant source of englightenment for me as a researcher. In that sense I have no regrets.

So... who am I? I'm a man living in the 'floating world' (Ukiyo, 浮世) depicted by Murasaki Shikibu in Genji Monogatari and found throughout the Edo period of Japan. I live for love, I live for fun, I live for pleasure, I live for entertainment. Every step of my life has been towards fun and happiness... it's not easy living in the floating world because despite the fact that it's not hard to find happiness, it is hard to keep happiness. So the real question for me now is not 'who am I?' but rather 'who do I need to be and where do I need to be to keep my happiness'... I have a strange feeling that the answer lies in the place from where I learned of the floating world...


I'm coming home...
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Today I'm going to be taking a look at another sociological paradigm that has been on my mind as of late. However, today with the strange twist I will the be subject as I describe how the evolution of girl groups and the ideal female figure has affected me personally as a young male adult living in South Korea.

As I rode the subway this morning at 6AM being squashed in on all sides by various other Seoulites heading begrudgingly to work, I thought back to one of the happiest times of my life which was when I just graduated high school and was living with my Mom in Vancouver. During that time I was translating Japanese anime and manga, watching anime, playing fun games, hanging out with friends, and working at a Chinese fruit store. It doesn't sound lik
사용자 삽입 이미지
e much, but to an extent it was heaven for me. During that time, one of my alltime favourite girl groups was called 'Morning Musume,' or 'Morning Daughter,' a popular girl-group in Japan at the time (2003'ish) who are showcased here on the left.

In light of this nostalgic moment I went and searched for one of my favourite music video's called 'Kashigashi Monogatari,' which then led me to one of my other old favourites called 'Do it now.' Upon watching 'Do it now' I had a sudden string of thoughts which really made me rethink the way I have started to view women in Korea.

사용자 삽입 이미지
The first two images like this one on the left and the one following it show the girls not 'getting prepared' for a show, but rather 'being prepared' like some kind of doll. The part that really caught me was how they both look absolutely devoid of emotion, as if they are totally helpless in their current situation.

사용자 삽입 이미지

In the last picture shown below, they are given a set of clothes to wear. If you view the video:
사용자 삽입 이미지
From my point of view, the whole situation strikes me as some kind of assembly line where girls are being prepared for commercial consumption.

This was the train of thought that really led me to think more deeply about my current conceptions of girls. I realized that when I was younger I really focused on each girl's individual personalities and characteristics. However, after living in Korea for four years, I am unconsciously throwing aside these values and focusing more on the superficial outer layer.

The first thing I asked myself was 'Is this because i'm getting old, or because i'm living in Korea?'

At first I wanted to believe the former as I had heard of some research done ages ago that concluded that psychologically men are attracted to a mate who is in the optimal physical condition for reproduction, in addition to the other research that states that both males are females unconsciously choose mates in accordance with their desire to sire aesthetically pleasing offspring.

*Edit, I saw this in some journals but it was also pointed out to me in an earlier article by Erwin*

That being considered, I then considered the latter which would posit that in some way modern South Korean culture is purposefully 'preparing' females for 'commercial' consumption. I realize that commercial sounds crass... however I have a few reasons for saying this:

First, the plastic surgery industry here which is one of, as far as I know, the largest in the world, is thriving like crazy. Why? Girls want to look beautiful to get a guy and show off to their friends. It is an economic benefit to be beautiful~ free drinks, free clothes, free rides, free services, first choice in men and becoming the envy of all one's friends.

The second way that girls can be classified as a 'commercial commodity' is quite literally the sale of their bodies. These days the newspapers are filled with countless scandals and incidences that all can be traced back to female body pandering.


In this case a politician enlisted wives, businesswomen and female students among others to 'service' high-level politicians and construction conglomerate owners.


In this case brothel owners were caught using female models' photographs to attract customers to their 'love hotels.'

Finally, today upon coming to my University to do research, I find a group of my colleagues sitting around watching something on one guy's phone with some 'club music' playing in the background. When I got around to see, it was some young girl who apparently 'had received a lot of plastic surgery' doing strip shows on her webcam and distributing the video for free around the net. In broad daylight a bunch of guys were sitting around together just oggling her as she girated naked at home in her bedroom. I realize that this isn't just something that happens in Korea, however I was shocked both by how non-chalent these guys were looking at a strip show in the middle of the day and talking about how perfect her body is. According to one of them 'if you pay money to her account she will do whatever you ask her to do on her next livestream.'

사용자 삽입 이미지
I'm starting to realize that from pop videos, to the news (which on every station features one old guy and one beautiful young girl like the image on the left), to the korean pop-up adds (about 60% of them are selling either plastic surgery or sex services- I can't fathom why these adds are allowed to exist since i'm sure underaged children view these normal websites too) to every girl who walks up and down the street with fake eyes, fake noses, fake breasts and revealing clothing~ that not only are girls being commercially commodified, but I am becoming an unconscious consumer. I never even realized it until today, but whether I like it or not, the constant unconscious consumption of the commodified female image is changing the very way I view women in general. Originally, I was revolted by the mere thought that a women that I am talking to or spending time with is in some way 'fake,' but nowadays even I feel indescriminate and drawn to the homogeneous faces and bodies of pop stars, and even the 'plastic girl' stripping in her bedroom for the whole world to see. What am I becoming?

I digress...

Not only as a sociologist, but as a man i'm left to ponder these questions:

How does female commercial consumption affect the way I treat/judge girls?
Is there a limit to how much the female image can be commodified?
Is this mass commercial commodification of the female image detrimental to the development of women's status and rights? Or, in the same stride as the backlash to second wave feminisim, can this commodification of the female image be seen as empowering?

Recently I dated a wonderful girl as I mentioned sometime before. In every way she was perfect~ she was kind, had similar goals, hobbies, dreams and passions as me. She was everything that I had ever wanted... But... despite all that I wasn't attracted to her. Could it be that I am only starting to like the generic commodified female image that Korean society has consistantly spoon-fed me for the past four years? I sincerely hope not.
2013/03/25 14:50 2013/03/25 14:50
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Time truly flies more than I could have anticipated. It feels like it was just yesterday that I set out from my homeland to pursue my grand dream of becoming a professor. I've always been quite independent so leaving behind everything I had known wasn't too difficult. Heck, even living here in South Korea for these past 3 years hasn't been too difficult. However, upon getting close to my thirtieth year, I have started to feel what might be considered to be somewhat of a pyschological breakdown.

The source of this 'breakdown' is rather simple. Throughout my life I was raised on books, TV shows and movies that depicted romantic stories. In a great deal of these stories, boy meets girl when he is young, they both struggle through their post-secondary studies together, fighting together, crying together... then after they graduate they both get a job, get married, have children. Originally my plan was to get married with the girl of my dreams by the time I was twenty, have my first child by the time I was 21, second child at 22 etc. However as time went on, I realized that this wasn't going to happen. Every girl that I dated subsequent to the first I could feel myself compromising more and more with the image of marriage and children superceding the amount of happiness I felt with that girl as well as compatability.

The last girl that I dated was to the contrary quite amazing. She was everything that I could have hoped for... but by some twist of irony I wasn't attracted to her at all. I continued to date her despite the fact that I wasn't that into her for the mere fact that I was so focused on marriage and children. However, last week I realized that it wasn't fair to neither her nor me to continue the relationship... in addition to the fact that I need to stop compromising and wait out for the real thing, to wait for that 'the one.'

I'm not going to lie though, it is tough... it's really tough. It's tough that because i'm not through my PhD yet that I can't actually start a family... It's tough that even though having a wife who is my best friend by my side would make my life a million times better that I still haven't been able to meet her. It's tough working all day, helping everyone else live on their lives happily, turning the gears of society, and then coming home to an empty house, to eat alone in front of my computer late at night, only to fall asleep alone and wake up alone to start the next day.

I am grateful every single day for all of the friends who are by my side. I know that I am never truly alone. But... evenso I wish she was here... I know she is out there somewhere and that I need her as much as she needs me. Please hurry...
2013/03/10 01:06 2013/03/10 01:06
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I love how I always have so much stuff to put up on this blog, but I always end up being too busy to get it up there~ then, on occasions such as this at the most ridiculous times in the morning my brain gets hung up over some new concept or theory that came to mind. I'm always thinking about something about some culture, trying to make sense of everything in the broader sense of the world... it's hard... but forever interesting. All I know is that this seems to drive me every day to learn more about the sociology of this world.

Among one of my gambles through the internet searching for knowledge on obscure government policies in East Asian countries, I somehow got off track and started looking up the backgrounds of the members of the popular Korean pop group Girls Generation... most likely after getting hooked on their new song called 'the boys'~ and while searching I came across a new video by a fairly new group called 'LED apple,' which comes off as either some kind of advertisement (as in AMOLED) or a well-thought out pun. In any case the music video, while being in a similar man-loves-smokin' hot cyborg girl that has surfaced in numerous movies, music videos and the like, watching it seemed to draw a new connection for me between human relationships in evolving capitalist society and our increasing dependence on technology and machines. First, the story:

1. Super androgynous boy finds hot inactive cyborg girl abandoned in a box covered by a thin white sheet.
사용자 삽입 이미지

2. Boy busts out the instruction manual and figure out how to get this hot piece of machinery up and running. It's just priceless how she comes out of the box fully make-up-upped and ready to go.
사용자 삽입 이미지
3. I know what you're all thinking... why does nothing ever come out of the box with batteries/fully charged? Well... apparently cyborg girls are no different... please plus in adapter and charge for 5 hours before use.
사용자 삽입 이미지

4. Boy innocently falls for her silent, inanimate, perfectly proportioned body and proceeds to caress her softly. Uhh... how sweet? **fun factoid... his caressing hand continues down her neck and further downwards... well it kind of skips the next part but I think the next 30 seconds or so of what happened would be pretty self-explanitory ~_~
사용자 삽입 이미지

5. Uh... obviously all android girls come with built in high-heels, comon~
사용자 삽입 이미지

6. dun-dun-dun~~ enter the naturally jealous human girl who has just realized that she is being replaced by the latest barbie doll- it's like the asian girls taking all the white guys away from the white girls crisis all over again~ But the best part is she catches her boy...
사용자 삽입 이미지
7. ...dressing up his new cyborg girl in a cute innocent looking white sundress! Take that you see-through-black-net-material-shirt-wearing-human-hussie!
사용자 삽입 이미지

8. Ah, and now the young cyborg, a true virgin in every possible way, learns of the wonders of the world~ basic movement, music, colors, shapes and...
사용자 삽입 이미지

9. ...the touch of a man. Well, i'm getting a little ahead of myself here, I should first point out that it is her innocent curiousity (curiousity killed the cat) that leads her finger to track the white lines coming from his pen (I'm not going to elaborate further on this but I think it speaks for itself)- which leads her to look at his face, which leads him to caress the glass display with her face behind it... This played out much like the famous scene from 'Lady and the Tramp' where the two of them eat spagetti and inadvertantly kiss~
사용자 삽입 이미지

10. I will admit that I am being a little overly sarcastic in my analysis here because, quite honestly, the social stereotypes at work here amuse me to no end. But in all honesty one of the reasons I am doing a write-up on this is that I truly do think this video was well made, and the story and concept are, despite being somewhat unoriginal, quite beautifully done. This following is one of my favourite scenes.
사용자 삽입 이미지

11. Step two, cut a hole in the glass... okay maybe that was a bit far, but things are definately progressing nicely for our two lovers! Our cyborg girl has already managed to develop emotional awareness and fallen deeply in love with the guy with the magic pen.
사용자 삽입 이미지
12. dun-nun, dun-nun, enter evil human hussie girls jaws-style from the back. "Alright perfectly proportioned man-stealing cyborg biyatch, you gots tah go"
사용자 삽입 이미지
13. You know... for assasinating a cyborg, I would have to say poisoning her like this would have been the last thing that crossed my mind. I mean, you could give her a virus, electroshock her, reset her hard drive, remove her circuits... or just toss her out of the ship to float in cold space for all eternity... well at least that's what I thought, until the next scene...
사용자 삽입 이미지

14. ... she starts crying, bleeding oil and her skin and body parts just start falling off like she just escaped a Hawaiian leper colony and managed to contract a ridiculously horrible case of gangrene at the same time... all right in front of her would-be boyfriend! Okay i'll hand it to hussie human girl, that was pretty sick. In retrospect, after looking at the contents of that bottle, I swear that she must have given her Pocari Sweat. It's fine if you consume it right after opening the bottle, but leave that stuff out for a while and it goes rancid like nothing else... Nothing says brutal and painful death better than a healthy dose of aged Sweat beverate!
사용자 삽입 이미지

15. So... dream cyborg girl lies in oily pieces scattered on the floor... what to do what to do... why not just make another one? how hard can it be? Young Einstein gets to work right away designing her replacement~ I'm pretty sure this guy will be getting nods of approval all 'round from MIT and all the top tech schools on his awesome design process "Hmm, first i'll design the body, then I will label her head, upper body, and lower body... ALRIGHT ALL DONE! Lets start putting this shizzle together!" Of course designing a robot is that easy? I mean, really, all the electronic junk on the inside is totally overrated! Clearly the extra effort he spent shading her breasts clearly compensated for the total lack of internal schematics, right?
사용자 삽입 이미지

16. A streetcar named cyborg... this just reminds me of the romantic scene from a streetcar named desire where they engage in 'couple pottery,' of course, minus the girl and plus the creepy caressing he does with the clay as he makes her face while thinking about all of the ways that he touched her.
사용자 삽입 이미지
17. A slice here, a smooth there~ hmm~ this is such a beautiful representation of plastic surgery in South Korea. It truly is this easy to mold your body into whatever shape you want. It never ceases to surprise me when one of my friends gets something done and I see them next time like 'uhh... did you change your... hair...?'

사용자 삽입 이미지

18. So here we have Mark 2~ created after he lovingly molded her body from the way that he remembered by touching her~ so romantic! Or is it?

Basically the purpose of this whole article is to demonstrate about one of the flaws in Korean relationship methodology. These days, it is so easy for people to say 'this person is tiring' and start to look for a new boyfriend/girlfriend. Even all of the popular music these days is ripe with 지겨워 지겨워 'i'm so tired of you.' It is such a horrible habit when you think about it~ and it explains a great deal about the extremely low divorce rate here.

The way I think about it, if you truly love someone, there must be some reason behind it. If there is a reason to love someone, one shouldn't be pressed to find reasons not to love that person or feel like one is getting tired of that person. Like this video shows, as easy as it is to quit and start all over, one must go through the whole process of getting to know another person again- and if it is one's habit to get tired of people easily, one will just fall out of love as quickly as one fell in love. If you really love someone, you must embrace all that you love about that person, and make that love the focus of your relationship. Constantly finding the errors in eachother and focusing only on the negative only yields negative. Focusing on the positive and recognizing that if two people fall in love, they obviously care about eachother, the relationship is bound to be a success, no matter what challenges they face, or what footsteps lay behind them.
2011/11/12 02:44 2011/11/12 02:44
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Since my arrival in Korea I've been taking every effort to find and participate in as many traditional dances as I can find. I have to say, though, that finding places to learn and practice traditional dance has been far from easy. These days the prominence of pop culture, in combination with long work days and busy schedules make the practice and preservation of traditional dance a near lost-cause in Korea.

Fortunately for me, there are two places that I have found to learn traditional dance. First is a club that has formed on the Yonsei University Campus composed of about 5 or so members who gather once a week to practice. This group is actually quite impressive as despite the fact that their size does not merit them an area on campus to practice, they gather in the front atrium of the club building every week in the coldest bitterest days of winter, or in the parking-lot next to the student union building in the most sweltering hot days of summer. Not too long ago on a day where the torrential downpour of the rainy season was at its height, we danced outside in the rain, pounding the drums with the rhythm of the falling raindrops. I have since learned the synergy and symbiotic relationship of traditional Korean mask dance and nature. I say symbiotic as a reference to something I heard from an old Korean Mask Dance master that I learned from "The dance is alive, it draws from nature. To dance is to draw from nature, to give to nature, to feel nature in all it's greatness."

사용자 삽입 이미지

Professor Jin-wook Kim and I.

The second place, where I subsequently met my Korean dance mentor Jin-wook Kim, was in a formally organized Mask Dance class offered at Yonsei University. I am actually both relieved and encouraged knowing that the Korean government is actually making an effort to have classes offered in both elementary/middle/high school and Universities. Without this kind of major support Korean traditional dances would have already died off long ago. Professor Kim is currently teaching anthropology and is one of the most zealous lovers of Korean dance and culture that I have ever met. More than raw knowledge and intellectual knowledge pursuits, Professor Kim always speaks with such passion about learning culture through experiencing and feeling it. The way he talks about feeling the great energy of nature flowing through your body, guiding your movements as you dance in harmony with the sound of the rain, the rustle of leaves, the sway of the trees and the beat of the drum, all moving together hearts as one is mesmerizing. When he talks with his students, more than lecturing students about the way things should be, he has a special a gift of influencing his students to realize the potential and capability within themselves, so that they may forge their own path. This is espiecially evident in his teachings of traditional Korean dance when he embraced the students dancing in their own personal style, giving their own flavour to a dance passed on for thousands of years. This strikes a sharp comparison with the impression that I got from some other teachers that these kinds of dances are to be danced in an particular way, every movement set in stone, allowing no room for error. Professor Kim, on the other hand, emancipated students through traditional dance.
사용자 삽입 이미지

The blue wind bright moon acreage.

During the summer after courses ended, Professor Kim invited all those that were interested in continuing their pursuit of Korean Traditional Dance to a special property in Chunju ( A city about 2 hours south of Seoul) bought by one of the last groups of Korean traditional dance enthusiasts in Korea. The above stone is the property marker, which also shows the name of the property. In English, the name of this land is "Blue wind bright moon."

사용자 삽입 이미지

The traditional dance enthusiasts refuge.

To most onlookers this was just a normal property out in the forest. The house was nothing more than a two bedroom, renovated farmhouse with a makeshift washroom and kitchen, ridden with insects and mold. However, to those that still embraced and loved traditional Korean dance, this was a safehaven and a freedom that could not be expressed by words. Surrounding the house was a beautiful field of wild-flowers. Next to the house was a garden full of potatoes, lettuce and herbs that we picked and ate while we stayed there. Running along the side of the house was a creek with fresh running water, snakes, spiders and snails. To my great surprise we picked a bowlfull of snails, boiled them and ate them for supper. Up the hill there was a bee farm that also belonged to the property, where an old man who was allowed to live on the property in exchange for labor, tended to the bees and waved at us as we passed by.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Freshly caught creek snails to be boiled and eaten. They were trying to escape the bowl with all their might!

Professor Kim led us through all of these places, playfully initiating a waterfight in the creek, leading us through the wilderness showing us the edible plants and herbs which we all cautiously ate only after seeing the professor take a bite first, and teaching us, many of us for the first time, how to harvest fruits and vegetables. He spoke of the plants and animals and their historical significance, and how many of them were linked with the songs and legends that many traditional Korean dances are based on.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Exploring the creek, picking snails and waterfighting with Professor Kim.

In the midst of rainy season on a warm afternoon, we went outside and got into a circle to learn and practice traditional Korean mask dance. Regrettably I did not get much chance to record as I was eager to participate in the dancing myself. That being said there are not any instructional videos on how to do many traditional Korean dances. Furthermore I believe while doing so would be a great step towards the preservation of the traditional dances, however at the same time it feels almost as if recording them is also a kind of crime against the traditional nature of the dances and their being handed down through the generations. For thousands of years these dances have been passed down from elders to children. Our teachers shown here were both similarly taught from their elders, who were in turn taught by their elders, this knowledge of traditional dances and their feelings have been passed down for generations. I was so fortunate to be among the group of students to receive the great gift of dance, their legends, feelings and meanings from these teachers.

The following day we indulged in playing a variety of traditional Korean instruments. Primarily we had a series of jam sessions with the famous "Samulnori." The following is a link from wikipedia which I found explains samulnori quite nicely.


Samul nori is a genre of traditional percussion music originating in Korea. The word samul means "four objects" and nori means "play"; samul nori is performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments:

I currently don't have any pictures or videos of this as I was avidly participating, however I am trying to find if some of the other students might have something.

Samulnori, as I learned, was incredibally relevant for the particular rainy season weather that we faced on that day. Each instrument was traditionally crafted to imitate the sounds of the weather. When all played together these instruments symbolize nature in all its harmony, power, and balance. The Kkwaenggwari represents thunder, The Jing represents wind, The buk represents the clouds and the Janggu represents the rain. We were told that as we played we are to feel one with the element symbolized by each instrument, playing the instrument as if we were creating the very rains, winds, clouds and thunder that, at that time, was truly all around us. While on one hand playing the instruments was incredibally empowering, it also gave one the feeling of how small we are as humans in the face of nature.

Through the stories and music, I came to learn how intricately Korean traditional culture is tied with nature. Koreans not only live in harmony with nature, but also revere it. Despite the surge in Western religion and culture in Korea, Korea's spiritual world was traditionally dominated by Shamanism. It is thanks to this shamanism that Koreans have such a deep relationship with nature, and furthermore that many of the dances and music came into existence. However i'll save this story for another time.

One of the last instruments we played was actually a traditional instrument picked up by Professor Kim in Tibet. He rougly described it as a singing bowl. The sound that it emits by a skilled musician is strangely soothing, yet at the same time eery and mysterious. The sound it makes is heavy, it radiates outwards like an energy. It is truly unlike anything I have ever heard before in my life. This instrument bears a close resemblence to Korean traditional culture. The sound it makes is pure and ripply like a pond that just had a stone thrown in it, soft and yet powerful, gentle and yet unyielding. It is truly a magnificent example of balance.

There is much more to be learned and many more places to go. Until then! Annyeong!

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